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The effect of social media?

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For most people social media is seen as a way to connect with their friends or family members.  Businesses are now seeing social media as a way to connect with customers and gain more followers. Social media sites allow businesses to gain followers by offering promotions.

 In Chapter 24 of Engage!  Brian Solis talks about companies earning followers by offtering special promotions via Twitter.  In this section of the chapter, Solis mentions that small businesses as well as big businesses can benefit by doing this.  Naked Pizza which he mentions in this chapter grabbed my interest because it is a small, local restaurant in New Orleans.  Naked Pizza is an all-natural and “good for you” pizza joint that bears a motto:  “Doing it one day at a time.  We care.  We really do.”  This small New Orleans pizza joint used Twitter to “tweet” interesting information that wasn’t all about pizza, and as customer service center (by recognizing their customers and answers questions).  Nearly, every one of their 5,000 followers on Twitter came from their method of listening and following the customers first.

This is just one method in which we as PR students know social media can be useful.  But what about bringing in a profit?  In some if not most instances, social media websites like Twitter are only going to be useful in generating followers and reaching customers and not in earning profits.  Naked Pizza however was one of the exceptions which focused on its Twitter account.  The results they saw was that on April 23, 2009 -15% of their sales came from Twitter alone.  When Brian Solis says “earning friends versus buying followers is a short cut that can quite possibly build stronger, vibrant, and targeted communities” he is pointing to the fact that once you have figured out why you want to gain followers, you need to do what it takes to earn their following for the long run. 

Sarah McNiff


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