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Clout? Influence? Power?

In Posts by John Peterson on April 12, 2011 at 10:19 pm

Social Media has changed our lives. This comic displays the change in how social media has been perceived since 2006. It focuses on the topic of discussion in our social media class a few weeks ago, new influencers. It is worth a look and you will likely laugh a bit at the illustrations depicted. It even includes our good buddy Brian Solis in one comic.

The comic points out the comedy of the ever changing goal of using social media (having the most friends, communicating with the most friends, or the one with the most friends talking about a topic or brand). It even discusses the use of paid Yelp reviews in 2006.

It is important to realize the power of being a influencer. Most of us in this classroom will not achieve that sort of status. Unless we begin being a source of information or known as a reputable source. One way to begin is to look at the Klout Website which calculates a score to represent your influence based on multiple algorithms across multiple social media platforms.

The thing audiences need to be aware of is the power that these influencers have and that now advertisers are paying to get attraction from these influencers.


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