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SEO Continues to be PR’s Great White Buffalo

In Posts by John Peterson on April 5, 2011 at 10:39 pm
Search Engines of the Web

Search Engines of the Web

I was searching the internet the other day and saw an interesting article about search engine optimization. With previous html experience I thought that I had a basic grasp of it, but oh was I wrong. Search Engine Watch’s article analyzed the myths in the PR field when dealing with Search engine optimization.

From my experience with html I understood the importance of meta tags and key words used within the website’s code, but this article didn’t mention this as being relevant or important at all. Where I have been missing out all these years is the amount good links on the site. Good links make connections across the web and provide ranking systems for search engines. Google sees how things link and drives traffic to websites that they find to be ranked higher or be more relevant.

I never realized the importance of permanent links that don’t go away. Neither did I understand the importance of not just having a consistent communication with just a select few but that it is far more important to obtain constant coverage from new links and sources. I think many PR people also make the mistake covered by question 10. Anymore blogs can be even more important of a contact that a traditional media outlet.

Far more can be learned from this article. I encourage you to look further into it.


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