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I never won anything, until I started using Twitter

In Uncategorized on April 4, 2011 at 9:08 pm

I never considered myself a lucky person. When it comes to raffles and contests, I always get the short end of the stick– until one lucky day when I won a gift card using Twitter!

@givethemsmiles recently started following me on Twitter. They seemed like a pretty positive and upbeat company, so I followed them back. A couple of days ago one of their tweets said “send in a story and get a Starbucks gift card.” So I did just that. I clicked on the link, wrote a paragraph about a rewarding philanthropy experience, and the very next day received a $15 Starbucks gift card by e-mail!

Since my big win I’ve been noticing a large number of companies doing the very same thing. But why? Because it WORKS!!! Now I have a small obsession with following different restaurants, companies, etc. just to see how much free stuff I can get. A free burrito from Chipotle? I’ll take it! A free Engage book, AUTOGRAPHED by Brian Solis…count me in! Giveaways are just one of many strategies used by companies to get people to NOTICE them and increase their followers.

Another strategy I noticed is that companies will say “check back later in the afternoon for our next giveaway.” They won’t give a specific time to keep people checking in on their Twitter feeds.

In fact, there is an entire web site devoted to Twitter Giveaways ( that features a top giveaway daily! Anything from Amazon Kindles, to Flip cameras, to iPod nanos…if you haven’t won anything, now is your chance!

Everyone loves free stuff. So apparently if you give away something, you’ll get noticed on Twitter!

– Dani Myers


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