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Sometimes Sparks Lead to Wildfires

In Posts by John Peterson on March 29, 2011 at 10:48 pm

Students Rush Court Following Win Over Kansas (LG Patterson Photo)

This past week the “new influencers” showed their abilities and power in the college basketball coaching shake up. It’s March Madness and I could careless about what is taking place on the court, I am fascinated by the sideshow going on as colleges are snagging new coaches to lead their teams.

This past week, Coach Mike Anderson of the Missouri Tigers stepped down from his position and took the vacant seat down south at Arkansas. In the past this would have been found  out at the press conference held by Missouri’s athletic director, Mike Alden, last Wednesday. However rumors have been floating around for over a week that Anderson was eyeing the opportunity, even though stating earlier in the month that he hoped to retire as a tiger and promised a championship to the state senate.

Due to social media, the internet knew before Anderson even had time to tell his players that he was leaving. Rumors spread like wildfire from a Twitter post from Chris Lincoln, sports director of KTUL-TV in Tulsa, “reports out of Arkansas say Mizzou coach Mike Anderson to be introduced tomorrow in Fayetteville as Razorbacks new head basketball coach.” This ended up catching much criticism and scolding from the journalism community as well as tiger’s fans but ended up hitting the nail on the head. Many Mizzou fans became aware from a link from a page that over 174,888 people have liked automatically when listing their favorite sports teams on Facebook. The page is not affiliated with the University but still led many people to believe it was. Feeding the fire.

Before you knew it the team resorted to listening to the internet too because it was the quickest way to hear information.

It  came to a point that fans saw the event as Anderson looking for another pay raise that was undeserved. Anderson was allowed to speak with Arkansas by Alden. Now the tigers are hoping to entice a new coach to lead them to a long awaited “Final Four” and hopefully a national championship. In the mean time Mike Anderson became a trending topic on twitter instantly at 7 o’clock when the news broke and by the 9 o’clock press conferences fans nation wide were voicing their ideas for replacements online.

Imagine how this would have occurred without social media? Chris Lincoln is a “new influencer” who not only broke a story but was certain enough to put his name on it a week before anyone else would. “Rumors” are already flying on Matt Painter of Purdue to be meeting with Mizzou, but hey sometimes sparks lead to wildfires and point to the truth.


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