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LOL Used to Mean Little Old Lady?

In Posts by Alli Pflueger on March 29, 2011 at 4:41 pm

The title of this post is a shocky question I asked myself after reading that the Oxford English Dictionary has officially added words that most of us have coined as neologisms. Now the phrases OMG, LOL, and even the ❤ heart symbol has a definition. Looking back at the era of AIM and the beginning of all these lazy abbreviations, one could only joke that some day it would be added to our language. What’s next LMAO? This crazy thing called social media is changing everthing. Our laws and governments are changing and people are beginning to have voices that are heard. Before we know it the Vatican will be tweeting and Congress will be meeting via Skype. During the 1960’s our society was creating a social revelotution against racism and sexism, and also using LOL as an abbreviation for “little old lady”. Now begins a new social revolution, a social media revolution. Now Twitter books will be published, governements will be overpowered, and history books will read “I have a Tweet that one day…”. I do not think that this is the great demise of our human lanuguage, I understand that we have to adapt. It was a bold move my Oxford and it will get criticized for it but its a step in a direction I saw coming.
Graeme Diamond, Principal editor on the Oxford English Dictionary website stated that

“(Initialisms) are quicker to type than the full forms, and (in the case of text messages, or Twitter, for example) they help to say more in media where there is a limit to a number of characters one may use in a single message. OMG and LOL are found outside of electronic contexts, however; in print, and even in spoken use … where there often seems to be a bit more than simple abbreviation going on. The intention is usually to signal an informal, gossipy mode of expression, and perhaps parody the level of unreflective enthusiasm or overstatement that can sometimes appear in online discourse, while at the same time marking oneself as an ‘insider’ au fait with the forms of expression associated with the latest technology.”

I just hope that one day I don’t go to correct my child’s homework and see the word OMG. Well, I don’t want to give you TMI (yes, that was added) check it out yourself at


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