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“I’m here live with Chad Ochocinco!”

In Uncategorized on March 29, 2011 at 8:29 pm

Wednesday, March 23rd NFL superstar, Chad Ochocinco arrived in Kansas City. Not for the Kansas City Chiefs as most would expect, but to tryout for Sporting KC, Kansas City’s professional soccer team.

Exciting, yes! But what is more exciting is that my very first press conference ever began with Sporting KC’s head coach Peter Vermes and ended with Chad Ochocinco! I was front and center with fellow bloggers (crouched under the network TV stations huge cameras.) Uncomfortable, again yes, but best seat in the house!

While waiting for press conference to begin I became very aware of who was a blogger and who was a major KC media affiliate. It felt like high school where each click would stick with their own kind.

I was embraced by the bloggers! In talking with them I found out that blogging was only a hobby and they all had their “real” jobs as well. One was even a dietitian.

One blogger was doing a live remote! How cool! I didn’t see any live footage on television stations…

The point of this blog is to 1. brag (haha) and 2. point out that everyone and anyone can now be a reporter!



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