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The Most Overlooked Part of PR is Evaluation, Social Media Can Help

In Posts by John Peterson on March 15, 2011 at 5:17 pm

Facebook Insights LogoThrough all of my classes in school one thing has almost always been reiterated, evaluation of your campaign proves if you were successful or not and is many times overlooked or difficult to measure. Social Media has made it possible to change that problem.

Many times bosses want to receive data and solid information coming back from their PR representatives in regards to campaigns. Facts and figures along with additional analysis determine the success of the campaign. Now with the rise of the internet it is possible to run analytics numerous things:

  • How many visits to the site
  • How many repeat visits to the site
  • How long they navigate your site
  • How they found your site
  • and much more

Now those same abilities have been brought to social media. A PR person no longer has to be a web developer to get the feedback on their messages. Facebook has just advanced their analytics program, Insights, to become a real-time metrics provider. Outside of school I am the social media account representative for two small businesses and I noticed the updated abilities when it distributed on March 9.

I now have the ability to post a status, then see the number of impressions that it gets as well as feedback. The account is still in its beginning stages but plans are in order to drive business to them because the owner of the company was excited about the ability for me to export the Insights analytics to Excel and send them to him. For more information on Insight’s new abilities check out Mashable’s Article


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