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How Do You Tame a Client With Tiger Blood?

In Posts by John Peterson on March 2, 2011 at 9:53 pm
Charlie Sheen Twitter Profile Image

Nearly Overnight Sheen Acquires Over 900,000 Twitter Followers"Winning!"


If you read this in don’t laugh right now you either (A) haven’t heard any of Charlie Sheen’s rants or (B) are a publicist or (C) don’t have a sense of humor.

These past few weeks one of my class’s curriculum at school has been about media training section, and Charlie Sheen’s antics spur me to wonder about a lot of things. First how would any publicist deal with this? How could CBS ever try to put Charlie Sheen on its payroll? Well pretty quickly you realize that with the way Sheen is handling it, almost anyone would quit everything and walk away. Good for him for making a change to sobriety and being there for his kids. However statements like telling your kids that you are a “rock star” and that are proud of what you did, which happened to be “epic”, is ridiculous.

Where am I really going with this is a question that I have been wracking my brain about for a while. Who runs celebrity twitter accounts and Facebook pages? We can tell Sheen is running his Twitter. The use of the hashtag “Tigerblood”, and his own crazy twitpics are confirmations of that. Do actions such as Sheen’s over the past few days make public relations practitioners cringe?

I imagine so. PR Pros should be on their phones right now setting up meetings with their clients to coach them on the use of Social Media as well as traditional media training. There is much to learn and quickly. This isn’t just about entertainment PR. Loose cannons in a corporate atmosphere can negatively affect a business’s bottom line.

Find your staff members or clients with “Tiger Blood” and tame them immediately.


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