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Spectacular Reaches Far Beyond Venue Doors

In Posts by John Peterson on February 21, 2011 at 10:39 pm
Winter Jam At Sprint Center in KC - Courtesy of Winter Jam's Facebook Page

Winter Jam At Sprint Center in KC - Courtesy of Winter Jam's Facebook Page

How do you want to promote your event? How do you get the public excited about your event? More event organizers should take a look at how Winter Jam Tour Spectacular is keeping up with the new age of public relations.

Using modern social media and promotions 10 christian artists are performing in 47 cities this year. Not only are the performing they are filling seats, all of them. Now this would be pretty understandable, except I’m not talking about filling your high school’s auditorium or at the state fair. I’m talking about The Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO which can hold over 19,000 people. Not many groups can claim to have been able to do that at the Sprint Center, the list would include Elton John, Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire & George Strait. Those are some pretty big names to be compared to. Even stranger is that Winter Jam doesn’t sell tickets online, only at the door, but for the entry fee of 10 dollars the crowd grows quickly and packs the house. Finally all the money goes to the Holt International Charity.

Winter Jam has been discussed frequently on the christian radio stations within the area. That alone could have filled the stadium, but it wasn’t enough for this entourage. The were passionate on spreading the word of their faith and the event.

In order to get engaged with their listeners they created an interactive website. Viewers could find out everything from FAQs to information about upcoming shows, and even the ability to take a banner advertisement and embed it on the viewer’s own web page. They went further by allowing not only a person to see the artists playing but included a sophisticated website where they could listen to their music as well.

Then they did something many have difficulty with, they created Twitter and Facebook pages in which their main focus wasn’t to be advertising. Through Twitter they have over 4,000 followers and on Facebook they have more than 99,000. That is for this year alone. Next year they will have to create a new page. That is publicity that many business owner’s would sell their arm, leg, first-born for. How do they do it?


At every tour stop they hide VIP passes somewhere nearby the stadium and posts a picture to FB and Twitter, and it’s finders keepers. While in line yesterday I received the tweet on the location. It nearly caused me to go on a mad dash through the crowd, but then I realized if I was beaten to the VIP passes I would lose my spot in line as well. This is only a small gimmick that they have put together.

On February 5th they hosted an event online to do a Q&A with Michael from the band RED on Ustream. The number of viewers spiked instantly and it gave a chance for fans to interact. In the past they have also had live streams with other artists on tour. They also include behind the scenes videos of the artists on tour and shared with their audience moments they would actually care about, their sunday worship.

After every performance they repost and respond to what people are tweeting and posting to them. They aren’t just acting, but reacting. Such as yesterday when the Sprint Center had to turn hundreds if not more people away because it was full. The Winter Jam artists listened and one of the bands, Sidewalk Prophets, went out into the crowd outside and played an acoustic set for everyone who couldn’t get in.

Let’s just say Winter Jam will be around for a very long time, and filling every seat along the way if they keep it up. Others should attempt to follow their lead and even discover the next way to engage their audience. We should all strive to be Modern Lee Social.


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