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Find using social media strategically a bit overwhelming?

In Posts by Dani Myers on February 21, 2011 at 11:43 pm

I am still learning how to not only use Twitter, but to use it strategically and effectively. I have yet to have someone “retweet” any of my tweets, and have decided to ENGAGE in the social media world. So, I researched some quick tips on how to organize by thoughts with regard to social media.

According to Brainzooming in an article titled: 20 Strategies for Making your Solo Social Media Effort More Successful, one tip was very precise and sensible. It said:

“Divide social media time into 3 roughly equal parts.”

Many times when I log into a social media site, I am asking myself, “What the heck should I Tweet about now?” or “There is so much information, I don’t even know where to begin.” Following these three “rules” can help me to organize my thoughts.

1. “Reading and monitoring social media in your topic area.” Whatever topic i want to focus on at the moment, I need to look for specifically that.

2. “Commenting and participating in other people’s sites.” I have decided that every day i will retweet and comment on someone else’s tweet at least once.

3. “Creating content for your own site.” I will create content I feel relates to some of my followers and that might be of vested interest to them. This way, they will pay more attention to what I am saying.

A final thought: “Decide how much time weekly you can invest on social media, and stick with it.” As of right now, I want to Tweet a little every day. This is not specific enough. I need to set a goal and try not to break it.


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