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Ivy Ledbetter Lee is considered by some to be the founder of public relations. Social media has taken PR to new heights. ModernLeeSocial.

  1. I was in St. Louis all weekend for a national greek leadership conference, AFLV. This acronym stands for Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values. While there I attended two sessions on social media. One was entitled “Exposure 101: Smart tactics to manage Your Social Media Identity”. The speaker, Dr. Tiat Martin, explained the seven ways to manage a positive identity with social media outlets. The seven tips explained were: 1. Social Media is a tool…not a substitute for in-person interaction.

    2. Be authentic but set rules.

    3. “De-tagging” does not happen in real life.

    4. Listen as much, if not more, than you “talk” online.

    5. Converse more than Censor.

    6. Exercise privacy. Also, don’t be afraid to report inappropriate content.

    7. Always ask, “How will this reinforce or hurt my image?”
    For more information visit

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